Recent Cleaning Before & After Photos

Fire extinguisher dust can not be cleaned by yourself!

The amazingly tiny particles that make up fire extinguisher dust will get into every nook and cranny possible and needs specialist cleaning and equipment. If yo... READ MORE

Dirty air ducts and HVAC systems can circulate unwelcome contaminants in your home!

Your HVAC system and clothes dryer vents collect all sorts of contaminants like pollen, pathogens, debris, dust, fur, critters, mold spores and other nasties. R... READ MORE

Buses vandalized in Dutchess County

Our office received a call from a transportation department regarding 3 school buses that had been broken into and vandalized with fire extinguishers. Although ... READ MORE

Puff backs- when angry furnaces create big problems!

A furnace had a heavy-duty malfunction and a nasty film of soot was sent throughout this home, covering every surface. Every.possible.surface. This is called a ... READ MORE