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Mold Doesn’t Have to Be Your Poughkeepsie Home’s Long-Term Houseguest

9/8/2020 (Permalink)

An exposed basement ceiling with noticeable mold growth occurring. A long-unnoticed leak from the kitchen faucet above this basement made an ideal environment for mold to move right in.

In any home, moisture and dampness are problems that will show up at some point. Faucets, pipes or steam, foundation issues, sump pump failures, appliance problems and overflows will encourage mold spores to move in.

Once introduced to consistent moisture and a comfy temperature, mold growth can be very tricky to remedy. Thankfully, you can prevent mold from becoming your new roommate through a bit of room-by-room awareness and prevention.

SERVPRO of Western Dutchess County is the CERTIFIED leader in mold remediation, so we’re familiar with the many surprising places it can take hold. No one wants a mold infestation, so we’re going through room by room to help you know how to keep the home clear.

The Infamous Laundry Room

A typical laundry room isn’t always going to have standing moisture, but pipes and laundry machines can mask mold growth easily. To help stop the growth before it starts:

  • Check the pipes, joists and connectors for leaks.
  • Never allow clothes to sit in the washing machine after a cycle. We’ve all forgotten a time or 2, just the smell alone is telltale of needing a re-wash and a good hot dryer cycle.
  • Let the washer and dryer air out after use. If you have a front-end loading washer, clean the door deal areas thoroughly, nasty bits plus mold can grow quickly in that dark, damp spot.
  • Check the dryer vents for excessive lint—it can encourage mold to spawn. Additionally, clogged dryer vents can be a huge fire hazard. Schedule a professional dryer vent cleaning once a year to help avoid a fire.

The Next Best Growth Spot: The Bathroom

There are lots of water sources in the bathroom, so it’s not surprising that it’s one of mold’s ideal residences. Thankfully, preventing mold in the bathroom just takes a few tasks and a bit of elbow grease:

  • Check and seal tile grout to prevent moisture from getting between cracks.
  • Replace curtain liners as soon as you notice discoloration and launder shower curtains.
  • Open a window or install a vent fan to clear out steam quickly.
  • Keep a squeegee handy to remove excess moisture after showers and baths.
  • Open the bathroom door after a shower or bath to let out excess steam.

The Most Troublesome Spot, the Basement:

When people think basements, mold usually comes to mind. While a basement is notorious for moisture accumulation, they also have the most hands-off mold prevention strategies. Here’s how to keep your underground mold-free:

  • Invest in an automatic dehumidifier, so moisture levels stay low to begin with. Please be cautious and heed all directions and warnings for use.
  • Clear out any clutter mold could hide behind. Cardboard boxes are an ideal food source for mold growth.
  • Insulate piping to guard against bursting and leaks.
  • Regularly inspect foundation and walls for excess water.
  • Keep an eye on the ceiling and joists (if possible), as any markings, water spots or fuzzy patches are a good sign there’s a leak just above the basement.

If you need help with mold prevention or remediation, our team of experts at SERVPRO® of Western Dutchess County will be happy to help!

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