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Biohazard Testimonials

Mark and his team were excellent. They responded quickly and worked professionally. We were very happy with their service.

We suffered a catastrophic septic tank backup into our lower floor bathroom. Called SERVPRO and had an inspection within 24 hours (I believe they can do it even faster if they are 'on emergency') A very reasonable quote for the cleanup was e-mailed the following morning, and an appointment given the following day. A small crew arrived on time, and were super polite and efficient - not just doing the work, but asking intelligent questions about what might need looking at. They completed the work to our satisfaction and left the room clean, sanitized and smelling fresh (which it had not been...) The guys also had great presentation, kept the details and communication on iPads with instant response from the central office - so no time wasted in silly bureaucracy. I'd wholeheartedly recommend the company to anyone unfortunate enough to be overwhelmed by such an unpleasant 'sludge invasion' event. I'm keeping them on speed dial!

June 11th 2020 - I received a phone call from my wife stating that our basement had a broken sewer line and it was bad! Knowing that our large basement was primarily used as mass storage and accumulation of all things, I was distraught. My first call was to my Travelers Insurance Agent. She reported the claim immediately and I was contacted by our Travelers Adjuster within 30 minutes or less. His first concern was our safety. He then asked how bad... I told him I needed an Army! He said to relax, you're covered, and call a remediation company ASAP, I was allowed to call anyone I chose...I have watched the SERVPRO television Commercials and decided I would contact them. They were extremely helpful and reassuring from the first phone call to the last phone call. They were calm in my moment of panic. Help was coming the next morning. The foreman each day explained to me what they were doing, completing and what my expectations should be. They left each day assuring me they would be back tomorrow. If I needed anything just ask, if I had a question just ask. I received calls at night from the scheduler and surveys each night to rate my experience that day. Well the Army showed up! The basement is clean and the contents were safely removed and cleaned to my expectations! I do not wish this situation on anybody. But if it happens... call Western Dutchess SERVPRO! Thanks!!!


Everyone was helpful, professional and courteous! Thank you again!

SERVPRO did an excellent job on this unfortunate situation. Kemore was great in handling the situation and I would recommend SERVPRO to anyone who needs cleanup services.